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Acne Treatments services offered in Aurora, CO

Acne treatments can help clear up your skin and prevent permanent acne scarring. At Heritage Medical Spa, LLC in Aurora, Colorado, skilled and experienced aesthetician Sheila Martin provides acne treatments for mild to moderate acne using alternative therapies that complement your traditional medical interventions. Sheila is a natural health professional who takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, offering people alternative options for improving skin concerns. To schedule an acne treatment consultation, call or book an appointment online today.

What is acne?

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the face, chest, buttocks, and back. It occurs when dead skin cells get trapped in your pores due to an overproduction of sebum (skin oil). Bacteria from the surface of your skin may get caught in the pore and multiply, creating an inflamed blemish.

Acne is a common skin condition affecting people of all ages. Though acne takes time to clear up, you can take steps to facilitate the process.

Sheila is a natural health professional who provides acne treatments for people with mild to moderate acne. She uses alternative, natural therapies that complement your traditional acne interventions. 

When should I get acne treatments?

You should get acne treatments from Heritage Medical Spa, LLC if you’re seeking an alternative approach to managing your mild to moderate acne. Sheila customizes acne treatments after a thorough evaluation that includes a look at your skin. 

As an aesthetic expert and natural health professional, Sheila is very knowledgeable about the all-natural alternatives to traditional Western medicine and how these resources can alleviate medical issues like acne.

What acne treatments can help my skin?

Heritage Medical Spa, LLC provides in-office and at-home acne treatments that can help your skin. Acne treatment options include:

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are an in-office skin exfoliation treatment that evenly removes the top layer of skin. Sheila uses all-natural acidic agents for chemical peels and customizes the treatment to match your skin concerns.

Custom facials

Facials are a skin treatment that exfoliates, cleanses, and hydrates the skin. Heritage Medical Spa, LLC offers many custom facials to address a wide range of skin concerns. 

Sheila does a thorough skin exam before creating your custom facial and then uses ingredients that calm the inflammation, clear out your pores, and support your skin’s natural rejuvenation process.  

Herbal remedies

Sheila is well-versed in herbs and herbal remedies and may recommend at-home treatments to help clear up acne. She may also discuss vitamin and mineral supplements to benefit your health and skin.


Sheila may recommend microneedling to treat acne scars. 

Sheila provides specific instructions on preparing for your acne treatments based on your current regimen. 

Call Heritage Medical Spa, LLC or schedule your acne treatment appointment online today.